Macrocosm and Microcosm

Macrocosm and Microcosm are series of works by Ali Hamzah a.k.a Alidestroy that represents his cosmological perception of interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship. Macrocosm portrays the connection between human, another life beings, unseen future, and universe which is metaphorized in a form of deformed body parts. The … Continue readingMacrocosm and Microcosm

Battle Of Memories

Battle Of Memories is a Chinese film directed by Leste Chen and was released in China on April 28, 2017. I made 6 illustrations for the film posters, designed by Will Lee.

Danny Trejo

Pen on Paper. 39 x 21cm. 2016. Part of Klinik Rupa Doktor Rudolfo. Exhibited at at Serrum Studio, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem Pancoran, Jakarta.

Inktober Indonesia 2015

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9. Pen on Paper. 29,7 x 21cm. 2015. Exhibited at Inktober Indonesia 2015 exhibition, Conclave, Jakarta, Indonesia.  

Hayao Miyazaki

Pencil on Paper. 32 x 26cm. 2015. Exhibited at Outline – Indonesia Drawing Exhibition, Gedung Indonesia Menggugat, Bandung, Indonesia.

The Beginning

Pencil on Paper. 100 x 100cm. 2015. Exhibited at Plastic Art Exhibition by Monstore, Artotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.  


Pencil on Paper, 50 x 50 cm, 2014. Exhibited on How To Draw #1: Reimagine Drawing exhibition in Gedung Gas Negara, Bandung, Indonesia.


Jiyuu. Pencil on Paper. 32 x 32cm. 2013. Exhibited at ACT vol 2 charity exhibition by KopiKeliling, Kedai Tjikini, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Aing Cinta Gapleh

Pencil on Paper and Domino Decks. 25 x 25 cm. 2012. Exhibited at ACT charity exhibition by Kopi Keliling, 1-15 Coffee, Jakarta, Indonesia.